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There are a lot of myths floating around in the world surrounding boudoir photography. Perhaps the most notorious myth is that it is tasteless, and that you are taking half naked photos just to please your significant other. Then there’s the idea that these images are only for a size small, or that you're going to be put into poses that your momma would never want to see.
Boudoir is about empowerment. It's about learning to love a body that serves you even on days where you can't stand to look in the mirror. It's about feeling beautiful on the hardest of days and knowing that this body holds you through all the good and bad that life takes you through.
It's for people who want to celebrate or show their beauty to their significant other. BUT, it's also for those who need a pick me up after a hard break up or life event. It's for those who have experienced a huge life change and need to learn to love themselves again. It's for those who are celebrating the adaption of a new lifestyle change. For those who are in a rut and feel like everyday is just like the last. Boudoir is for you, to celebrate you, to love you, and to be you! Each session can be customized to whatever you need it to be. Our goal is to make you feel beautiful in the skin you’re in, and we won’t stop until you feel like Beyonce.


"I feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people." - Vincent Van Gogh

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Boy mama. Sci-fi lover. Bookworm. Wanderluster. Forever optimist. Known to make sound effects while shooting.

Hi! We're Alyss and Blair. Business partners, best friends, and each other's ride or dies. We've been known to have the same exact hair color, love language, instagram caption, Starbucks order, photo idea, emotional breakdown (wait, what?), and apparently, headshot pose.

Our passion in life is to make others feel known, valued, and loved in their uniqueness. Our way of carving that mark in this world is through photography. We're here to dote on you, and to take some beautiful images while we're at it.



Taco enthusiast. Mountain lover. EDM and country blaster. Onesie wearer. Known to hide like a ninja while shooting.